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Do you want your children to do something educational, cultural yet FUN this summer?

This summer, we are pleased to present “Twist Tours”, a series of cultural visits, tours and workshops 100% in English for students of ESO and Bachillerato (12-17 years old). These activities have been carefully selected to be of interest to this age group. Currently, there is very little offered for this age group, and we aim to change that!


  • Dates: 1/7/19 - 26/7/10
  • Ages: Students in Secondary Ed. (12-17 years)
  • Meeting Point: Calle Amalia 9, 28020 Madrid
  • Five tours/visits/workshops a week
  • Cost: 150€ / week
  • Includes: Activity / Entrance Fees / Transport
  • Includes: Accident Insurance
  • Depart and Return Times: 9:00am - 2:00pm

☎ 913 447 100

Twist tours is a series of curated activities and personalized guided tours in Madrid, especially for teens, focusing on what is interesting to them. A graffiti arts tour in center city, a cooking class led by an international chef, a visit to a recognized sports institution or an interactive workshop on photography for social media. 100% in English. 100% Immersion. 100% FUN.

Frequently, we get frustrated with our teens because they only want to spend the summer chatting with their friends, scrolling through social media or playing video games. The truth is there really is not a lot of programmed activities for them outside the home.

There is a lot of focus on day camps for the youngest members of the house, but for the older children there are only residential camps or international trips for the more fortunate ones. What about the teenagers that stay at home?

For teens between the ages of 12 and 17 years, 1st of ESO through Bachillerato, we propose this highly interactive, entertaining yet educational activity where they will be involved, every weekday morning -- doing something interesting, different and in English.

Twist Tours goes beyond the typical museum visit. The idea is that the participants fully immerse themselves in various areas of art, culture and science. In addition to learning, they will be using their English in a fun, productive way -- ensuring that the activities are perceived as leisure and enjoyment of their free time.

These activities are carried out during the vacation time of the participants -- during the month of July. Every weekday from 9:00-2:00. Each morning we will start our adventure in IberEnglish with a briefing of the programmed activity for the day. From there we will explore and move to the location of the event. Once the event has finished, we will return to the starting point of Iberenglish.

We have a carefully selected list of tours, workshops and activities of interesting topics to explore, ask questions and have a great time, 100% in English. These activities are specifically chosen with the teenagers in mind -- considering their likes and their interests. For the parents, you must know that there is an educational purpose behind the scenes so the activity, while fun, is 100% productive.

Two weeks of solid programming for the first half of July with the possibility of continuing until the end of the month.

1-jul.-2019MondayWORKSHOP: Mobile Phone Photograpy for Social Media
2-jul.-2019TusdayTOUR: Sports Institution
3-jul.-2019WednesdayTOUR: Street Art and Graffitti in La Latina
4-jul.-2019ThursdayWORKSHOP: Ceramic Art
5-jul.-2019FridayTOUR: Fundación Telefónica Instagram Wall and Interactive Expo
8-jul.-2019MondayTOUR: Berlin Wall in Madrid
9-jul.-2019TusdayTOUR: Sports Institution
10-jul.-2019WednesdayTOUR: Faro de Moncloa and Museum
11-jul.-2019jThursdayWORKSHOP: Graffitti and Stenciling
12-jul.-2019FridayWORKSHOP: Cooking for a Cause

Madrid is our playground! Whether by subway or on foot, nothing will stop us!

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